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Violin/Pfretschner violin "copy" & Jacob Steiner Violin


I am just trying to get some information on the value of a Pfretschner "copy" violin.  I saw and read your post on the real thing which was very helpful but have you any information on a Pfretschner "copy" and their value and if it would be a good instrument?
Also, the same seller has a Jacob Stainer or Steiner violin, what can you tell me about that?  
I have to purchase one for a child that has outgrown the 3/4 size so these are both full-sized.  The Pfretschner has no case of bow.  The Steiner has a case but no bow.  
Also, how would one identify the difference between a Pernambuco bow and a Brazilwood bow when purchasing?
Thank you so much!

Complicated question. I'll try to keep the answer simple. I'm unfamiliar with Pfretschner violins..he's better known for his bows ...

The violin is another question.....if it is a real Stainer, it is worth many $1000's...Stainer normally would have very high arching which is not common and can be technically challenging for a relative beginner. However if genuine would be expensive but a wonderful investment. You would need to either send me a picture or consult your local dealer for an appraisal. Any quality bow is going to be Pernambuco, Brazilwood is a cheaper option and not so sensitive.
Again a picture would help.



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