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Hi I'm a 16 year old violinist that hasn't been graded yet but I am lead violinist in my music class. I have a very important occasion on the 20th of July and I need to know the easiest way to learn vibrato on my violin. I know it takes time but this is really urgent !

Hi Divonia,

Thanks for your question.  Well, you're right that it does take time to master this skill.  And, unfortunately, badly played vibrato sounds worse than no vibrato at all.  So, I'd have to recommend trying to get through your important occasion without vibrato, if possible.  In fact, vibrato tends to be over-used, especially by students.  A clean, straight note is best in many situations.  Adding vibrato to your music should be done slowly and carefully, matching the speed of the vibrato to the tempo of the music, and not laying it on too thick.  

With that said, if you want to get a taste of it, search for "ProfessorV Vibrato".  Also this video is good . . .

I've spent many hours with students mastering this technique.  Some learn if faster than others.  The keys are to stay relaxed, allow your fingers to be flexible, and to try not to go too fast, at first.  Also, it would really be best to find a teacher to walk you though it, if possible.

Good luck!
Jim Fisher


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