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Violin/Wich Is The Best Vibrato For a Beginner Violinist ?


Hi again Mr Fisher ! I've been searching violin vibrato online and noticed that there are 3 different types finger, wrest and arm. So I tried to move my fingers on the violin and found that my whole arm moved instead so does that mean that arm vibrato is best for me ? if so, can you please give me a run down on how to do it properly ? thanks

Hi Divonia,

Thanks for your question.  Yes, we violinists are pretty retentive about how we do things.  Why call it just vibrato, after all, when you can break it down into its various parts and make it sound so much more complicated?

Generally, people talk about arm and wrist vibrato.  That's a natural distinction, since it is possible to play with just one or the other (or both).  Sometimes students use just the wrist, holding the arm (with tension) basically in place.  More often, people keep their wrists stiff and do the vibrato just with the arm.  Neither is ideal (or very healthy in the long-term).  Professionals use both, sometimes more or less of each, depending on the needs of the particular passage.  It's not a conscious thing, generally.  But, a professional player keeps both the arm and wrist relaxed and flexible.  And, years of training teach us to use one or the other (usually some of both) without really thinking.

Not really sure I understand the idea of finger vibrato.  The fingers must remain flexible for any type of vibrato.  And, although it's possible to do vibrato with just the fingers (keeping wrist and arm still) I don't know why anyone would.  I think some teachers talk about finger vibrato in order to emphasize the importance of keeping the fingers flexible.

But, to get to your question specifically . . .  I'm afraid a full discussion of how to do vibrato is beyond the scope of this forum.  There are many posts online if you choose to read about it.  But, the best way is to get a teacher to show you and work with you.  Short of that, there are some great videos on YouTube.  Search YouTube for "ProfessorV Vibrato".  There are also some excellent videos there by other folks on the subject.

You want to learn to do both arm and wrist vibrato.  But, focus first on the motion of the fingers.  The knuckles must flex as the hand moves back and forth.  The key is to keep everything flexible and to not move too fast (at least at first).  Good luck!

Best Regards,
Jim Fisher  


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