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Dear Sir,
Could you pls advise me on this issue?
I have a son who was born in 2009. My hope is that he can learn violin well enough by the age of 10, so that he can receive some type of scholarship when applying for a private school since 11. (We live in the UK).
Where can we start? Should we let him learn the violin at the age of 6 is it too late?
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At what age is it optimal to begin study of the violin?

Six is a fine age to begin study of the violin. Many parents press their children into study at younger ages, though often those kids simply aren't ready physically or mentally for the rigors of structured violin study. However there are many options to explore and experience music in general, even years before structured lessons on an instrument begin. Music can and should begin in the womb, years before any violin lessons.

I explore many details about "when to begin" in my Parent's Guide to the Violin, which you can obtain free here:

Music is like any other art; do it (or don't) for its intrinsic value. Linking it to awards and recognition is a serious error which can produce a dread of practice at best, and permanent emotional damage at worst. Please don't put that type of pressure on a child. The journey of violin can will produce its own rewards, and those rewards are great.  


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