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Violin/wood plugged holes in violin areas


Hello,  I once read in a recent (Aug.,Sept. 2014) article in the Strings magazine. It quested plugged holes in violins.  The responder had no answer.  The violin showed wood plugged holes located on the side (ribs), near the tailpiece button, and in back of the scroll.  I just bought a violin which has the same kind of plugged hole in the top center area of the back (right before the neckpiece starts.  What is this. Why was a hole ever their. It seems as if the hole(s) was drill, and plugged back by a wooded peg. The peg doesn't stick out.  It fit (may be filed) at the level of the violin's exterior. This specific violin doesn't have any label in the body.  I don't know any thing about.  I bought it used from a music instrument.  They have me a good price because the know nothing of the violin neither.

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for your question.  There is no accepted, standard construction or repair method that I'm aware of that would account for the plugs that you are seeing.  It's possible that your violin was gouged through at these locations, and the subsequent hole was filled with wood.  In the case of a hole below the neck, it could be from a neck repair, where a screw or dowel was used to support the repair.  But, I'm afraid that I really can't tell you any more that that.  But, if you're happy with how the violin plays, I wouldn't worry about it.

Best Regards,
Jim Fisher


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