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My wife purchased a used violin in the 1950s. It has remained unplayed for decades and we are thinking of selling it. Can you tell us anything about the maker and when this violin might have been made? Following is the information on the label inside the violin:

Joh. Bapt. Schweitzer
fecit at forman
Heironym Amati Pestini 1813
Made in Germany

Thank you.

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your question.  What you have is a German factory instrument.  I'm afraid that this violin was not made by Schweitzer.  It was common practice to use the name of famous makers in factory instruments, to identify different lines of products, and Schweitzer's work was very influential in Germany.  But, Schweitzer himself lived and died in Budapest.  A genuine Schweitzer label would say "In Pesth", referring to the part of Budapest where he worked.  

Still, some factory instruments of this type fetch a good price at auction, so it's certainly worth getting it appraised.  (Though, you should prepare yourself for the possibility that it is not even worth the cost of new strings.)  It may be worth nothing.  On the other hand, it could be worth several thousand dollars.  

The only way to really find out is to take it to a skilled and experienced instrument appraiser.  If you have a violin shop in your town, you might start there.  If they think it's worth pursuing, then you could seek out someone who could give you a more skilled and accurate appraisal.  There are many fine violin shops in New York and elsewhere who could help you.  (Be sure to call ahead and make an appointment.) Or, you could try one of the auction houses like Tarisio.

Best of luck with your instrument.  At the very least you have a nice heirloom.  And, if it has a nice tone (which older instruments often do), perhaps someone in the family mike like to play it.

Jim Fisher


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