Hello Mr.Sullivan,

I have a violin that I got from a bandmate of my fathers when I was a little girl age 5 32 years ago. I dug it out of my closet recently and almost put it in a yardsale when my mother told me I should research it first.

It has 2 labels inside. One reads Copie de Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonefis Faciebat Anno 1721 it has a circular shape symbol with AS and a violin symbol with the word deposse. The other label on the opposite side says Made in France and a harp like Symbol that says JTL underneath.

The violin is in fair condition, its banged up pretty good but no holes or cracks. The bridge appears to maybe have been replaced as its not the same color and has fallen off of the violin. The bridge has a stamp on it that says Aubert and a star like symbol above it.

Ive attached a few pictures, any information would be helpful, i'd like to know weather to sell it or not. Thank you so much!

Jen Campbell

Hi Jennifer,

I don't usually answer questions on instruments because my specialty is limited to playing them, while my knowledge of the craftsmen is limited.  However, your instrument seems to be a Stradivarius copy made by the instrument company of Jerome Thibouville-Lamy.  These are very good student instruments and in fine condition can fetch a couple of thousand dollars.  This may or may not be the case with yours, but it was best not to sell it in a yard sale just yet.

You are best off taking this to a violin shop (not a general music store) to verify the instrument with a qualified luthier, examine what condition it is in and if they are interested in buying it or selling it on commission for you.  Don't worry about the bridge, as it is supposed to be that color and things like the bridge and sound post inside are routinely replaced.  After many years of not being played it will certainly need such adjustments.



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