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The label inside my late mother's violin reads (1st line) Antonius Stradiuvarius Cremonenfis 423 or perhaps 1723
(2nd line) Faciebat Ayuo (?spelling) and the mark + over AS within a circle.  The violin was given to her by her father in 1912.  He had come from Ireland and apparently played extremely well as did she and I assume he brought the instrument to New Zealand in the 1890s.

My question is "What is the meaning of the number 423 or 1723?" I would like to get some idea of the age of the violin and am wondering if this number has any relevance to age.

Thanks so much for this opportunity

I have to tell you 1st that for every genuine Strad, there are literally 100 of 1000's with labels. Copies, fakes etc etc. h
He is the most copied of them all.
1723 refers to the date. His early instruments are from the late 1600's and lived and worked until he was 93.This is his "Golden" period for which almost all the violins made then are now
accounted for.He didn't number his violins so I can only guess that it is the number by which whoever made this violin used to help identify the instrument.
If you'd like any further help, send a photo of the front and back. I may be able to tell you something.


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