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violin 2 klox  
I just bought a violin marked Joseph KL 0 X I've been reading some articles about the copies and the tagging mine says the same thing and it is others I've seen only mine appears to be dated 1780 is this a possibility to be a real one     itself it's pretty it's pretty worn

Do you mean KLOTZ as opposed to klox? If it's a genuine George Kloz from the mid 18th century they can be worth as much as  $20,000 in mint condition. Unfortunately there are far more fake labels out there than genuine instruments as with all great makers.
If you could attach some better  pictures, preferably 3,all the front,back and ribs I can tell you if it's worth having appraised.I can't really tell from these. It needs cleaning very badly though and it might be tough to tell through the years of grime. unfortunately Joseph is much less valued but can fetch around 5k.


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