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QUESTION: Hi Steve, I have an old 'made in Nippon' violin with nice wood. I know that means 'pre-1921 Japan', but I don't know the date of manufacture. The violin has a metal tag attached that reads "patented March 7, 1893". Does this by mean the violin was made that year, or does it just refer to a patent in general? Thanks for any explanation. I ran an ad starting today and was offered $100 over the phone, sight unseen, and now I'm beginning to wonder if I should have advertised 'best offer'. Thanks! Barry

ANSWER: hi Barry,
give me a day or 2 please. I need to research this.

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QUESTION: Steve, I found this today. Note that one of the dates is March 7, 1893. But Dr. Stelzner was German, so why would it be made in Nippon? Very confusing.

ANSWER: Where did the good doctor feature in your original? I'm confused.

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QUESTION: Me too! He didn't figure at all until I googled 'violin patented march 7, 1893 NIPPON'. I guess I need an appraisal. Thanks for responding! Barry

OK. From my research and from friends, it's probable that your violin was made by the original Suzuki Company. Trade laws stated they had to have Country of origin and Year of manufacture. If it is, then I think you might be better off selling it as a Japanese pre war artifact than a violin.
Perhaps there is a collector online somewhere.
Sorry I can't be of more help but as a violin, it's not worth too many $s.


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