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I have a violin that has Stradivarius stamped on the upper back panel. Obviously, I know it is not an original Strad. It appears to have the initials V L P under the finish. It came in an old wood case with 1861 on the hinges. It also has what appears to be a bow with ivory on it. There is also an empty little round box in the case that has "Gand and Bernardel" and "Paris" on it. Any idea who made this violin?


I"ll need some pictures to help. The front and back of the violin, the head and frog of the bow would be a great help. The little box was almost certainly for rosin. Gand et Bernadel were a very well known violin making firm in Paris from the 19th century. Leon Bernadel made a lot of stuff on his own. Send the pics and let's see what you have.


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