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Violin/Antonius Stradivarius/ copy?


QUESTION: Hello and Good Day.  Anything you could tell me about my grandfathers Stradivarius/ copy we assume, still investigating, would be great. It received the most damage past couple years in storage. I took lessons on this as a boy. Had I known its age I would have admired and probable practiced more. lOl. I definitely would have made sure it was in a better location. Hurts to see it like this. Hot water heater blew,  small separation on the base rear. The case received damage there to  plus cover cracks. Main crack glued before my time. I think original bow I think plus the one we used. I need to sell or insure. Would it b worth it to me to restore? I am a new member to your site. Iíve have other collectables and instruments, regrettably lost a few over the years. So again anything you could tell me would be great. I have hopes that this piece can someday be played again by a violinist.  Thanks sincerely,  Peter Michel

ANSWER: There's a lot to deal with here. Before I can go any further, 1,I have to tell you that 99.9999999% of violins labeled Strad aren't.He's the most copied maker of all. 2. Could you please send pictures of the front and back, scroll and ribs. Then I might be able to help. Otherwise it's just guesswork which I'm sure you don't want.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick response.  Here are some pics of the scroll.

ANSWER: Which is more accurate? T9he red or yellow.

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QUESTION: The red but I'm not fond of the staining. Some looks patchy, the front is pretty much stain free.

Ok. The type of varnish I'm seeing  (this is just the scroll you understand) is usually associated with German or Eastern European instruments, most likely Mittenwald.Impossible to judge the age without seeing photos of the back and front. These are pretty much the bottom of the pile I'm afraid.Pegs also indicate factory type mass production. If you could send back and front I might be of more help.


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