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I am in possession of a Nicolaus Amatus fecit violin.  The label inside has the year of 1664 with the last 2 digits (64) handwritten in black ink. The paper the label is on looks very old,  with one corner loose and starting to curl. The violin itself looks well used and I can't tell if any parts have been replaced.  I would appreciate any information you could provide re: date it was made,  value etc.
Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Hi Judith,
there are literally hundreds of thousands of violins around with many makers labels in them. In order to try to help, I would like to see a couple of photos if possible. The front and back and scroll, as near as you can get to have clear detail. If it is a genuine Amati in good condition, then you are looking easily  at $1/2 million plus. Unfortunately, 99.999% aren't genuine. I look forward to seeing it.


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