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Violin/Air on G possible using D string only


QUESTION: Is the violinist playing Bach Air using the D string only:

Eddie Hodges  Philadelphia, PA  USA

ANSWER: Hi Eddie,

thank you for dropping by. He is using mostly the G string, not D. But in 1:49-1:51 he moves to the D, for example. Well, today it's not as strict as it used to be decades ago, you know.

Have a good day!


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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer.  But, can you refer to me an example(s) (video/youtube) showing someone using only the G string. As I think it was originally done (I think).  I hear it's done.

Eddie Hodges

Hi again, Eddie,

I did some search and found interesting things I wasn't aware of. The original score is in D major. Here is how Bach composed it originally in his orchestral suite:

"G string" is a later arrangement for violin and piano and transcription by the German violinist August Wilhelmj, who transposed to C and an octave down, and who was then able to play the piece on the G string of the violin. See here for that:

This is the version you are looking for:

Michael ;)


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