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I found a violin at  yard sale for $5. I thought, hmm ok $5. I,ll resell it at a flea market for $50. maybe. I am an old guitar player and the violin look's well made.  needs a little repair to the back varnish.
When I got home and looked thru the F holes it has a strad label.
I looked up your label pics of real strads and can see mine is a knock off. It is spelled like this:
Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenis
Faciebat anno 1722
The "A" in anno is small cap and the date has the "17" printed and the "22" hand written. The AS cross symbol looks correct.

My question to you is, is there anyway to tell who and where this one was made by/at?  At the $5. I paid I assume I cannot loose. But a $2000. profit margin or a $100. profit margin for me?
(no case or bow a little worn with varnish flaked off on back, has a tiger striped wood grain back and sides, and what looks like a tight grain wood front, rosewood or mahogany tuning keys Ebony cheek guard and bottom bridge, medium not dark or light front finish)
Thank you for any advice Steve, Regards, John   (in the 48 USA)

ANSWER: Hi John,
Could you send me some pics? Full front and back, scroll and anything else you might think is interesting>

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Pics sent. Did you get them?
Regards, John

ANSWER: No pics yet.

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strad 1
strad 1  

strad 2
strad 2  
QUESTION: Pics of label

Hi What i really wanted was pictures of the instrument but I can glean enough info from the wood showing in your photos.
Unfortunately it is clearly a post war German or Eastern European factory mass produced piece.There are 100's of 1000's of these everywhere you go. They almost put in the fake label, usually to show what maker they are supposedly modeled after.
They are usually worth nothing. Even the label looks modern. If you want a rough appraisal of value, send me complete pics of the whole fromt and back but my gut tells me you will be lucky to get $50 depending on the condition.


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