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natalie wrote at 2013-04-13 13:16:51
no that is not true the second violin has a easier part then the first. and in the song carpathia second violin has the melody for the whole thing


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I mainly aim to answer questions about playing techniques--intonation, vibrato, bowing etc. I am somewhat familiar with Baroque and Classical music, though not as much with Romantic. I am unable to answer questions about advanced music theory, violin crafters/brands or the monetary value of a violin.


I have played the violin about nine discontinuous years. Most of my work has been orchestral, with some soloing throughout. I was principal 2nd violinist of the Disney Honors Orchestra in 1998, a six-time All-State Orchestra violinist, a two-time assistant concertmaster and two-time concertmaster of my All-County Orchestra. I also have perfect pitch, which I believe can be learned (though I do not claim to know how to teach it). Since starting medical school in 2004, I have had fewer chances to play, but I hope to someday resume on a regular basis.

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