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Ted wrote at 2006-08-28 21:17:25
As a lefty playing a left-handed violin, I have sought the answer to this myself.

Violins built in a left-handed fashion are rare, but can be found.  Try Nashville Violins ( or ask Ryan Thomson at

I would suggest against simply re-stringing a RH violin because this can damage the instrument.  There is more involved in making a RH violin left-handed than simply reversing the strings. Take the right-handed violin to a violin shop and ask for a conversion.

As to lefties having an advantage in playing violins, I must disagree.  True, fingering requires dexterity, but the magic is in the bowing.  The dexterity argument also falls apart on the observation that the majority of people are right-handed.  If the only requirements of dexterity demanded by the violin rests in the right-hand, as posited by the previous answer, it stands to reason that we would see a predominance of "left-handed" violin players, not to mention guitarists.  But we don't.

Good luck.

useless wrote at 2013-02-06 00:04:36

seagull makes lh guitars.  i am a lefty,also and play both lh guitar and lh violin.  but, must admit, i fiddle which is different.  i play country and bluegrass. so, i don't have to worry about being left-handed.  and as for being able to play a rt-handed instrument:  FORGET THAT!!!  I tried--sure messed with my brain.  I found a lf-handed violin (sold as a package).  the brand name is "Cecilio"  hope this information helps.


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