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QUESTION: Sir how can i save the data that i enterd to a text box for next time.i want to appear that data when next time i load the form

ANSWER: you can save the data in a text file or an access database.

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QUESTION: can u show me the codes to how to do that.thnk u for your answer sir

ANSWER: Option Explicit
Dim entry As String
'this puts the text into the textfile
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Open "C:\Rtest1.txt" For Output As #2 ' WRITE TO FILE
' you can change the textfile and path to suit you.
Print #2, Text1

Close #2
End Sub

' this puts the string into the textbox
Private Sub Command2_Click()
Open "C:\Rtest1.txt" For Input As #3 ' Read from FILE
' should be same path and name as in command1 click
Line Input #3, entry
Text1 = entry
Close #3
End Sub

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QUESTION: thank you very much sir i got it.but i run the programme and cmd1 click text in textbox1 correctly save in a text file that given path.if i run programme again text in the txt file is lost and new text in the textbox1 is save in that txt file.all i want to keep that old one and add new text to the same txt file.(i dont want to load text files as your reply in cmd2)

put a text box, 1 list box and 3 command buttons on form.

add code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
' this is to be done for the first time to open the file and add the 1st record
Open "c:\sample.txt" For Output As #1

Print #1, Text1

Close #1
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
'this is for adding the next records. if you use the first, it will overwrite the file
Open "c:\sample.txt" For Append As #1

Print #1, Text1

Close #1

End Sub

Private Sub Command3_Click()
Dim variable1 As String
Open "c:\sample.txt" For Input As #1

Do While Not EOF(1)
Input #1, variable1

List1.AddItem variable1

Close #1
End Sub

if you want more features you need to study text files creation or use an access database. cannot be solved by asking questions.

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