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i had finished with my computer courses ... and the last thing i ever learnt.. and did do a lot of work in was VB6

i never got to do
i'd just like to know ... what are the real reasons to learn why does everyone say its more important...
can it be used to program for an android system??

Dear Yohan,

To answer your question I need to write a book, - so I can give you only a short answer.

.Net platform and VB.Net, in particular, is an object oriented programming language, which has more possibilities compared to VB6. And because VB.Net is object oriented it allows much faster Application Development compare to VB6. And no, you cannot use .Net to program Android - it's Google product, so it is based on another very popular object oriented language - JAVA. So if you want to do some programming job, like creating websites, you should first decide what platform to use: .Net (Microsoft) or JAVA (Google, Sun Microsystems). You can search Google to find those 2 platform comparison, and you can start with those 2 links:

Well, congratulations on your accomplishments and good luck in your future studies!



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I'm working as VB programmer from 1997, so I have a lot of experience with Visual Basic .NET as well as Visual Basic 6. Area of expertise is Visual Basic .NET (VS 2008 and Framework 3.5) design and development for Windows applications; Component One controls for Visual Basic; User controls; Moving VB6 applications to .NET.

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