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Visual Basic/create a Visual Basic app for Network IP camera


sparks wrote at 2014-03-17 21:22:30
VB6 is alive and kicking. New VB6 applications can be run

on Windows 8.

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Frank G. Dahncke


I can answer most questions realating to real-world application programming in Visual Basic .NET (including SQL-Server 7.0 and up). I NO LONGER ANSWER VB6 QUESTIONS. My speciality is GUI/frontend work and API calls. I do not know about Internet, games or graphics programming, just the bread-and-butter stuff. I answer questions in German as well.


Experience: I have been programming BASIC applications professionally for 22 years now (2007), having done most any application type from multimedia CBT to telephone directories to database frontends. Organizations: RA-MICRO Software GmbH

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