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Visual Basic/Vb6 + project setup installation


Hi Sir ,

i hope you know me ,,, i have asked lot of questions to you and get nice replys on that ...
finally i have completed my project
actually i have some issue regarding with my project setup

here ,,, i have created setup for my project , when i run my project on windows 7 its giving me error i saw some resolution on that then now i have done all things as per "vbforum"
now i am not getting any error but i cant update , refresh my adodc components , shuold i have to create odbc connection for that purpose ?

please help me in this situation ,, any suggestion regarding this will be appreciated..

first of all Adodc is not automatically loaded in a new computer. you need to physically add it.
also you need to add the connection.
you should have used ADODB and set a connection string. make an exe and run the file on new computer. the paths need to be looked into like App.path & "\yourmdb" and so on

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