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Would you mind helping me with this Case Programming Assignments?

Direction: Create a Use Case Definition document and design a Windows form mock-up based on the requirements document in Figure 2-83.

I attached the image below

Dear DJ,

I'm not sure what is a Use Case Definition document - can you get a sample from any other project?

There are several ways to create mock-up form, so I'll give you a design idea that looks simplest - of course, from my point of view.

Create new Windows project, place GroupBox control on the form, and put 3 checkBoxes on this GroupBox control. Each checkBox is corresponding special.

Add to the form: Picturebox (to display picture), Label (to display all the text - cell phone, reg. price, special price), and Button (to add to a Cart and close the form).
When form is opened, not one of the checkBoxes is selected, Picturebox, Label and Button are invisible.

If user selects any checkBox  Picturebox, Label and Button become visible, and their Image and text properties should change accordingly. If user selects another checkBox, picture and text should change accordingly AND all other checkboxes moved to unchecked state. If all checkBoxes are unchecked Picturebox, Label and Button are invisible again. You can right one function to accomplish this logic and call it from each checkBox CheckedChanged event. And when user clicks Button you can just close the form.



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