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QUESTION: I recently got my first smart phone, and in the past have programmed a fair amount in VB, and was wondering if the software is now able to write cell phone programs if for example I wanted to create a useful tool?

ANSWER: Oh yes, there is - if you target Windows Phone 8. You must have Windows 8 running on your development machine and get the free version (Express) of the Visual Studio 2013 (which includes VB). Do note that knowing how to program conventional (Windows Forms) programs won't help, you will need to know or learn how to create Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) programs with VB and XAML.

I have taken up writing Apps for the Windows Phone store for a living, so you can see it works.



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QUESTION: I have a Galaxy 3 phone. Could a VB program work on that phone or most SmartPhone for that matter? How is WPF and XAML different? I've never heard of those. Also not sure how to program without an easy to see object oriented interface.

VB programs only work on Windows Phone smartphones. WPF and XAML very similar, only minor differences in certain syntaxes. Do get the VB.NET Express version an you will see that you still have an easy to see OO interface - in fact, even more so.



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