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QUESTION: Hi Ravindra

Do you know how the software "scareware" is created? I do know it has something to do with programming.

I'm just curious and wanted to know for educational purposes only. Since I'm a Magician anything that's a secret interest me. There are no books written about the topic on Amazon. It's like a mystery that some how only a few people know about.

I've got some of my own Magic videos online at if you want to see them.

Take Care


ANSWER: check out this link

saw one video of yours good.

good luck

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply Ravindra and for watching one of my videos.

However I already know what scareware is, I didn't know how it was created.

Murat who study's C++ told me that for better performance and secrecy of codes it mostly uses C++ or Delphi.

It's strange that there are books written about phishing and software piracy on but not on scareware.

I also realize that and uses the scareware tactic also but they wait for the computer user to click on their scan button to search into our pc first.

the term scareware  makes the user respond and buy some product. it is more a verbal campaign and you could use vb6 for a user to click on any place. if you are thinking that it would be like a worm or a trojan then it is unethical and a nono. as a magician you could use surreptious suggestion as in hypnosis and guide to user to take some action. using words like fear,calm and so on in a covert way is the way. most of the guys on the internet promise everythig: how to obtain anything in life, how to attract any girl you choose, stay healthy and eat anything, this exercise will make you a Hero in bed and so on. but all of them want u to buy for some 300 usd but offering a last day concession of 200$; this ad would be lifted by this wednesday and so on.

it is misdirected attention to get your intention. the term scareware is like freeware, shareware etc.  c++, delphi have nothing to do with this.

good luck. happy magicing

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