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I am not a programmer, just some knowledge of access. I have created a access data base for temp schedule. Table is Employee signups. Employees signup for this in advance for seven days and can sign up for overlapping time for the same day. In my table I have columns Date, Start Time, End Time, Employee Name, Location  (Which we enter when we want to approve the schedule). We down load the file from work site to this data base with all the columns except for location. When user goes to approve this temp schedule user only approves just by adding location. Location goes in to the same table where we have the signups. This is being done using form. Since there are over 2000 records. When user approves one line for Employee 'John' and next time goes to approve another (Or to add location) line for the same person If there is a conflicting with previous start or end time that user have approved previously. I need user to get a message that there is a conflict in time with previous approval (We are Not entering Start and end time it is already in the signup table). I want user to Get the Message that there is a conflict with previous line and delete the location from the table and move to next record
How can I do this?
Can you help?
I would appreciate your help.

the solution lies in design of your database.
first have a table with name along with his details. then you add another table with Name
(source being the original table) and add fields like location, start time, end these.
when the employee enters his startup and endup times, they will be stored in the second table, sorted by name and startuptime. this will take repetitions and no problem of overlap.
you can create a query based on this table showing total time logged each day etc.
when you view the report (if needed) you can link both tables on name .

good luck

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