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I already have sent a question to you about my programming but my question was incomplete, my question is,

1) I want to get a validation on "Contact No.", "PAN" and "FAX", that is the no. must be check whether it is greater than ten digit or not, if the user wrongly write above ten digit then a message box display on the screen "No. withing ten digit" and the cursor point on the respective Text Box;

2) Another validation I want to get that whether the same name inputted by the user,like firstly I write "Niladri Sen" and at the same time add this record to the database, after that again I write this name and want to add to the database file, a message box display on the screen "Duplicate name not allowed..."

TEMPORARITY these are my problems, I am very very sorry that I sent you an incomplete question, but sir at present I am a confusing situation, please sir help me, thanks in advance.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim ContNum As String
If Len(Text1) < 10 Then
MsgBox ("must have ten letters")
ContNum = Text1
'  Print ContNum
'.... declare a variable  and store this val and update the record
End If
End Sub

for checking if the value exists you need to create a function and pass this value to that which will ope the table readonly and check for this value in that field. and return true or false so that you can update the value

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