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I have a form that is produced everyday, this form has variables, like which unit, whine line, etc... I do not know how to ask this question, but basically , how would I make an application that would open by asking "Which unit?", "which line?", then generate form for preview then print?
AND, what would be the BEST way for me from going from knowing little about VBA to functional within it. I know the more I use it the better I will get. I have purchased VBA for dummies, and other software, but i get to a point I need a question answered and have no one to ask. My local college does not offer this course, or at least the person I talked to said it didn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Douglas,

To solve problems like this you need to study Excel advanced features. And it is not necessary go to college - you can get this info online.

Try those links:

This link has detailed explanation how to use VBA code and all the code also:

You can look at this vodeo also:

Those materials will give you an idea how to use advanced Excel features.  Study them carefully and then use those features to solve your problem.



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