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Visual Basic/Listbox Update And Printing Asterisks


Need a Visual Basic program. A list box containing five stores (all five stores set to a revenue of 0). The user should be able to update the revenue (and maintain therevenue) by typing the revenue in a textbox (and then clicking a button). The program also needs to print out asterisks (*), each asterisk represents 100(printed out as a chart). If there is 0-99 revenue, no asterisk is displayed. The selected index should also be displayed by clicking a store. Can you please help with the coding?

Dim adu As Integer, idu As String
Private Sub Command1_Click()
If Text1 = "" Or Val(Text1) = 0 Or Val(Text1) < 100 Then
MsgBox ("enter valid number")
Text1 = ""

Exit Sub
End If
List1.AddItem Aster(Val(Text1))
End Sub
Private Function Aster(olage As Integer)
adu = Fix((Text1) / 100)

For i = 1 To adu
Aster = Aster & " *"
End Function

this code is ok. make changes as you need

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