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Visual Basic/message box output and listbox item delete module form...


Two part question:

1. Using visual basic studio I need to get a message box that displays the following. "(Selected meat from listbox) from (Selected Country from combobox) is (Selected dollar currency from textbox)" All items, combo box items, and textbox currency amount is linked to a database. How do I put together the code for this?

2. I need in a module form selected in a file menu to be able to delete meats from the listbox. Once again these meats are linked to an access database table.

Any help on one or both problems would be much appreciated.

are you using vb6 or vb 2008 or
in such cases i would like to be paid.

if you want just the messagebox code i can do it free.but add or delete from database means more time to be spent.
depending upon the version i would need 50 - 100 usd

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