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QUESTION: Is there a good website to get a free version of VB? I got it once from Microsoft's site but haven't found it there since. It doesn't need to be a pro developer's tool. Just the best free version out there from an accountable website that would not contain ads or viruses.


ANSWER: Dear James,

There IS a free VB version on Microsoft website. Go to and look for the latest VB.NET Express Edition - you can download it for free and once you registered they are sending you a free license in e-mail.  



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QUESTION: What does mean exactly? Is that a VB designed for website applications? I am looking for desktop app making only for now? Could you give me a direct link to what you are referring to as I get lost on their website and only find reports on security issues it once had and other support files and bundles and stuff.

Dear James,

VB.Net is the latest Microsoft VB. It has all the features of an old VB plus what they named Object Oriented structure. You'll need some time to adjust to their new development environment but essentially it is the same.

Here is the link to download:

This is a link to download Visual Studio and VB.Net is part of this download.

If you want VB only you can choose VB Only option during installation but I'd suggest you download and install full Studio - maybe you'd like to use C# instead of VB in the future and it will be available to you already.



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