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Visual Basic/reading a single addreess in vb


what would I do to read a binary file than read a particular address byte to hex in a listbox?

for reading a binary file etc
check out this link

one does not convert the strings to binary, as then it becomes unreadable.

to compare the strings in the binary mode use this method:

Check the reference under projects_reference to Microsoft scripting library.

put at the top of your form the line

Option Compare Binary

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim adu1 As Variant, adu2 as variant, adu3 as variant

adu1 = StrComp("Ravi", "Ravi")
adu2 = StrComp("Ravi", "RAVI")
adu3 = StrComp("Ravi", "Ravindra")

Print adu1
print adu2
print adu3

End Sub
' you will be able to see the difference in values
Return Values

The StrComp function has the following return values:

' try the same using
Option Compare Text

Ravindra M.G

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