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Hey Frank, I have a database in ms access, but would like to make another one in In my access database I have a main form with a table (im just going to use a crude example to ask the question) In the table I can type different makes of cars. e.g. Ford, Toyota, Nissan, etc. So I have a list of car manufacturers. (this is a table'subform that I inserted into the main form) Now if I select "Ford" I have a another table on my mainform where I can type all the ford models (during table design I created the relationships) if I click on Toyota in the first table then in the 2nd table I can type in all Toyota models.. etc. So basically I have a mainform with two separate subforms in it. Whatever I select in the 1st subform the 2nd subform automatically displays the related records. (and I can add/delete stuff in both tables) My question is this: Can this be done in I am just trying to get a feel for the capabilities of I don't want to start something and spend hours and days learning and googling and then just to find out that can not do this. In my access databse I have 3 levels Cars--->Models--->Parts (all of them one to many relationships)  Thanks in advance

Phew, a long question - but a short answer: YES it can! In fact, it is even easier, once you get used to  the new technologies integrated in .NET. You will have to learn some new things, but they are not difficult.

So, go ahead and port to .NET. Take it from someone who has been there and done it: Once done, you will never go back.



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