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I'm an aspiring voice-actor, and I have a few questions.

1) I can't decide whether to live in Los Angeles or New York City to pursue this career. Which one of these two cities have more opportunities for voice-actors?

2) I would love to do both Japanese animation and American animation, but is there a non-union/union issue? If so, how do I become a union voice-actor?

3) Do I have to find an agent in order to get auditions for Bang Zoom!, Funimation, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc.?

4) How does one find voice-acting classes that are legitimate? How do I know which is a scam and which is not?

1. Los Angeles has far more opportunities for voice over. New York has more than most other cities, but LA still "wins" in this area.

2. Once you join the union you are not allowed to do non-union work anymore. However, there are work-arounds for this, and you will find that many actors who work in anime work in both union and non-union shows. You can do both and many do, but it's not easy. Original Animation pays better. Thus, it is harder to break into. Anime is not easy to break into either. But I know many voice actors who got their start in anime.

There is no one way to "break in". But you will need to have a demo that shows your talent. And of course, you need to get the right training to be able to perform. Raw talent is just the starting point.

3. You don't need an agent to audition for Bang Zoom! of FUNimation. You do need one for Nick and CN, etc.

4. The workshops offered by Bob Bergen (the voice of Porky Pig) and Bang Zoom! (Adventures in Voice Acting) are legit and good starting points.  

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