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hello dear I m new talented voice actor and radio anchorman have some question related to some skills and wondering I have ;

1- I can change my tonality of my voice for several tone and impressions , but when I try to listen to rerecorded demos I felt that the pitch is the same same may be just different in tones , I detected that I m the same person , when I let other listen to the demos , many don't know that I m the same person other detected , when I listen to voice actor I really persuaded that there are many characters with different tones and pitches , I shocked and depressed , how they reach this level is it a natural talent or improved skill can be learned + talent for sure ? if it is skill please let me now how can I handle to change my voice tones and pitches also , if you want to send you demos for analyze it practically , let me know ?

2- you know for showreel blanc a famous historical voice actor , he did more than hundreds voice , is it imporved skill or specific talent ?

3- how can I change my voice or do lot of characterization , shouting , screaming and hoasking  without hurting my larynx and throat , is their a techniques ?

4- from being child I like to do mimics , jingling , immitate voice and musical instrument and also give impressions , is their any famous well know international school for this kind of art  ? does this school can let me improve the above skills and learn all voice management techniques ? if yes can you recommend me some of this schools ?

5- last thing the accent , I m not native language english speaker , English is my second language , but all the person professional and other declare that I m doing voice over in english better than my native language , really from being child I enjoy english rather than any other language , I really find myself enjoyed doing voice over in english , but unfortunately there is lot of talent do voice over in english ( english language natives ) like americans , british people , so I ll be swallowed between all of them , but I read one time that in some cases they require english speaker with other native language , how can I find this kind of jobs ?

sorry for prolonging but let me know your commentaires , guidance and advise

Firsty, I apologize for the delay in answering. I have been traveling and no access to wifi.

When I read your questions I thought that I really am not qualified to answer them. However, I could not leave you without a reply!

Changing your voice is not as important as good acting. Be an actor first and learn to use your voice in different ways secondarily.

I do not know of a demo reel for Mel Blanc.

There are voice acting schools and workshops and many good acting schools. Study acting first! And then voice acting. You can find them online and read the reviews.

Regarding your accent, if you're trying to compete with native English speakers, it may be an issue. However it depends on your goals and aspirations. If you are trying to work in your own country you may be able to find work and be great at it. If you want to compete in Hollywood for example, it may be difficult. Without hearing you speak, I have no idea, but I can imagine that if you are not a native English speaker, then you should try to focus on your native language. Unless you are able to train yourself to sound like a native English speaker (either British or American English).

I really do not want to discourage you and in fact, I want to encourage you to follow your dreams! You're doing the right thing by doing research and learning everything you can about it.

Thank you for your questions and I hope I am a little helpful for you. I wish you all the best in your endeavors!  

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