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I heard that breaking into the voice acting business is very hard because studios like Bang Zoom! Entertainment always use the same voice actors, and don't want any new ones. Is this true? If so, as an aspiring voice actor, I can't help but find this discouraging.

I've watched a lot of anime shows lately and I keep hearing the same familiar voices from many of these different characters, so much so that it became very distracting. And it looks like this problem is not going away. For example, the new dub cast of "Free! Eternal Summer" is almost the same dub cast as "Ouran High School Host Club". I mean....seriously?

This is just very troubling. I know that you really trust these voice actors, and you're very content with them and good friends with them, but.... my goodness, you're missing out on a lot of talented unknown voice actors who have yet to be given a proper chance. There are fresh new voices out there and it seems like you guys are not even trying to find them. I understand that showbiz is hard and competitive, but this is ridiculous.

I'm just very concerned. You give good advice and encouraging words to these aspiring voice actors, but these are voice actors who are never going to make it because these studios are only giving roles to the same exact, high profile voice actors over and over again.

Cristina Vee inside Bang Zoom! Studios
Cristina Vee inside Ba  
Hi Everson!

Thank you for your question which I'm sure many people think about.

First of all, the encouraging words I give to voice actors are from the heart, and I hope I have been helpful to people all over the world. I believe in following your dreams and passions. And I believe in finding your inner power to succeed in life, weather it be voice actor or studio mogul or shoe designer.  

The two titles you mentioned were not done at Bang Zoom! as you probably know. And I'm very proud to say that we were the only studio to bring in new talent for quite some time, and now so many new actors that we discovered and nurtured are working in studios all over, and landing very major roles.

While it's true that you do hear a lot of the same actors in many things, I think the same could be said for the entertainment business on the whole. Actors like to work! And fans like to see and hear their favorite actors.

That said, we LOVE to find new talent.

Talent is the operative word, though, and we have to see something special in someone to know that they NEED to be given a chance. With Cristina Vee, for example, or Erika Harlacher, or Christine Cabanos, (and many others) it wasn't difficult. We were passionate about them from the get go. Cristina was still in high school when we found her.

Bang Zoom! has regular voice acting work shops right inside our studio, conducted by real working voice directors. They frequently recommend their students to our casting directors to be brought in for auditions.

We also have a website portal where you can send our casting director your online demo, and it will be listened to. If you've been studying* acting and you have a killer demo, and have some talent, you'll definitely be someone we'll want to meet.

But this bears repeating: study acting first. Develop your talent. Prepare a professional demo. It's not easy. And you don't just walk into the booth and open your mouth and boom you're a voice actor. Even Steve Blum (the voice of Wolverine) lacked confidence at first!

I hope this helps! Hope to see you in the studio sometime!

*yes, that's right. I said studying. It's a discipline. You must study and get very good at it. Do not send us a demo if you are not ready. We're very busy!

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