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Volkswagen/03 VW Passat Rearview mirror.


wiseroilguy wrote at 2013-01-10 00:35:00
Go to your local VW dealer and ask for part No. 1J0-955-609 which is the clear adhesive film designed to hold your heavy rearview mirror to the glass.  This type of adhesive film is used by Audi/VW/Porsche because it is clear enough that the rain sensor/mirror dimmer, which is between your mirror and windsheild, can "see" through it and work properly.  Maybe some other glue will attach the mirror to the glass - but your rain sensor/mirror dimmer may not work. The adhesive film is applied to the black round sensor and allows the sensor to be firmly attached to the windshield.  The rearview mirror then clamps onto the sensor. Make sure the old film and glue is totally removed and no oil or grease are on the surfaces before applying the film!


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