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Volkswagen/74 Super Beetle Fuel system


Ken wrote at 2006-07-28 20:12:21
Just a little addendum to Step “d”  

“making sure the hoses running back to the charcoal filter are correct”

In my situation the metal lines running back to the charcoal filter were completely blocked from rust within the metal lines. I had to replace all of the metal gas exhaust lines feeding from the tank all the way back to the charcoal filter.

Hint -  if you open the Gas cap and it breaths heavily then these lines are most likely plugged up and not allowing the tank to breath thereby forcing the gasses to escape from other weak seals and connections in the trunk.

Good luck


Thingdriver73 wrote at 2014-09-01 23:33:31
Check the evaporation line from the gas tank to the charcoal filter. Disconnect the line from the gas tank and from the charcoal filter. Try blowing air through it with an air compressor. Do not place your mouth on the tube!  If the the air goes through it is unplugged,if no air goes through it is gummed up. If plugged, remove the metal line. Try to run a wire through the metal line in order to find the blockage.  


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