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Volkswagen/Automatic transmission for a VW Old Bug


Amanda wrote at 2006-09-28 20:43:13
I have an auto-stick myself. its in my 69 bug. I dont like it. I'd rather have a manual. I've had some problems with mine locking up and grinding.

68autobug wrote at 2008-01-10 01:21:05
I own a 1968 semi auto beetle and You do NOT have to change gears at all if You don't want to

You can drive around town in Drive 1 or Drive 2

and if You like to accelerate fast, then use the three forward gears- Low - Drive 1 Drive 2

Lee  68Autobug  Australia

Doginu wrote at 2008-08-15 10:39:32
I really hope you don't attempt what Ron is suggesting. The VW AutoSticks will break you faster than your first born child. No power, No Parts....If you feel the need for an auto trans get one from a TYPEIII. Fully automatic, Parts are available, Much stronger...

Mark wrote at 2008-09-01 23:48:15
Ron.. As of yet I am not sure just exactly what it is I have. But,,,,  we recently purchased a trike. with a 71 type 1 motor and a fully automatic 3 speed transmission. Works just like any other auto I have ever run. And works very well.

All the guys in the bug club are a little awed by it. But a few have had ideas. One who has been working on bugs for 30 years seems have knowledge of them. And I have had little luck in finding information on it. I am going to be pulling it apart this winter and rebuilding the motor. Plan to research it a little more at that time.

donovan wrote at 2012-07-30 18:43:06
I have a 1973 Type 1 Beetle engine and have mated it to a Type 3 Fully Auto box. It is not a straight forward fit. The type 3 crankcase has a cut out to enable the torque converter to be bolted to the flywheel on the engine.A little trick I used was to mark the casting on the engine (near to the four mounting holes that joint the gearbox bell housing to the crankcase. Drill a 1 inch hole and there you have it, plus its easier to get at than the original. I have had this engine running with the auto box for 5 years and no problems.I hope this helps anyone who has a type 3 Auto with unrepairable crankcase.

68autobug wrote at 2014-08-29 14:52:37
The semi automatic beetle does have a clutch but no clutch pedal.

They are easy to drive with just the two pedals. The most common model was the `1968 model. There are also 1969-70-71- semi auto beetles. They All have front disc brakes and the IRS rear suspension that was later used on Super Beetles. Once the old vacuum hoses have been replaced [as they are usually cracked] its easy to know what to do with any problems You may have. The biggest problem with them, is that many VW mechanics know nothing about them, and the small vacuum hose from the control valve needs to be connected to the correct vacuum port on the carburetor... Most original carburetors have been long gone now and most replacement carburetors do NOT have the semi auto vacuum port. The result is a very loud thump when the clutch is engaged by vacuum [way too much vacuum]. Many cars have been serviced going great, but are returned with the small hose going to the INCORRECT vacuum port on the carburetor. [thump thump]

Lee  68autobug

Oz Kombi Mick wrote at 2014-12-30 14:57:57
Just Reading about the convertion to auto, I can no longer drive my 1979 Kombi manual.( due to a work place injury.

My question is: what Automatic gear box would go in her, so as I can keep driving her. They become part of your life. I have heard of a 3 speed semi- auto. Is that right. If so do you know were to get one.

Thanks Mick.


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