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Volkswagen Repair/2001 Jetta TDI problem with check engine light


marcel lalande wrote at 2009-03-22 23:07:10
on the tdi the turbo is variable through the n75

valve which is situated near or above the brake

fluid conteiner.  anyway it is the valve to the right, as there are 2 valves who look the same.

well there is a black hose that the end is not connected on the left side of the valve, put your finger on the end, you should feel a vacuum, just plug it and try your car out, if the power is back, that is the culprit.  you can buy a new one at diesel geek for a faily good price.  also an engine light can be due to vacuum leak, either from the hose that takes vacuum to bouster or also from the hoses that hook up the turbo to the intercooler, back to egr valve.  just change the glow plug who needs changing.  also giow plug to not come on until temperatue is down to 10 c or 50 f.  well good luck and God bless

Brock wrote at 2010-01-21 01:59:33
Everything you want to know about changing your glow plugs.

Hope this helps.

Andrew wrote at 2010-02-28 22:15:29
$100 says your other code is P0380. I have the same problem. This indicates that there's a problem with the glow plug circuit- I've had too many mechanics try to fix this by changing the glow plugs, at costs you're familiar with. The following link to TDI Forum is a great resource for this fix, with pix and step-by-step diagnostics:  

Liberty57 wrote at 2014-01-11 08:21:01
for P1248, check for air bubbles in the clear line from fuel filter... If car is starved for fuel you will know by really pushing it for power... replace the fuel filter and bleed fuel off and all gas out by loosening #3 injector and hold a rag over it

while have assistant crank until it is all bled, then torque it back snug... Always replace 2 small orings in the plastic valve thing that sits in the fuel filter.

It will be a night and day difference in power once the crap and air is gone out of the fuel system. It is possible that you do not know yet the capabilities of the ALH 1.9 diesel engine

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