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Volkswagen Repair/VW Jetta repair question


mobe wrote at 2009-11-30 03:39:30
I had a similar issue with a 2001 mk 4 jetta. Brake warning light on,epc on, no recirc light when button pushed, no heated seats. All corrected by replacing fuse #5  

Blakelikesfixinstuff wrote at 2014-01-13 07:56:43
So i may have missed something here but please tell me that one of the first things you checked was that the ground switch under the e-brake handle is working properly/being depressed. If it only beeps at you when you're driving it means that the car just thinks the e-brake is on.   Since the e-brake is cable drive the car can only see the status of the e-brake by the handle. Check your cars nervous system! Lol (The wiring on the ground switch...) bet you'll find the problem. ;)

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