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Volleyball/jump serve with sidespin


Feuryous wrote at 2013-01-24 21:08:55
Just a little insight:

Start by hitting the shot while standing on the ground. First hit the ball on the side out of your own hand towards the ground in front of a wall and repeat whipping your hand by the side of the ball like you do for your top spin but on the side.  Keep striking the ball a little higher towards the top while watching the spin effect as it curves towards the ground, hits the wall, and then jumps to the side. Don't reinvent the top jump serve just add to it by snapping a little off center towards the top as you normally do.  Work on hitting the serve standing until you have it down then add the jump which really helps the movement/pace on the ball.

I have played since I could walk as well as collegiately

Hope this helps.



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