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Volleyball/Am I really good enough to play college men's volleyball?


QUESTION: Not to nag or anything, but just asking if he Steve Benson responded yet? I was afraid you can't answer my "question", since you said you "forwarded him the questions" as the answer to my question. Hope all is well.


ANSWER: Good afternoon Richard:

Here are the answers from Coach Benson.  
Hope you have had great weekend.  

"*You do hit well...coaches will need to see physical aspects. Height, reach, vertical and age. Boys mature later so the recruiting process takes on a later process verses girls. If you are serious about the game and willing to find the right school for academics and volleyball, yes you can play at the college level.

*Some coaches can, but most coaches want to see un-cut video of a players whole game, good, bad, mistakes, etc. We are not recruiting the highlights, but the whole player. Coaches want to see the whole package of the player. One game is all you need to send to coaches, a few highlights and skills (5 minutes max) in the beginning, then game video. Make sure they know who you are (#, position, etc.)"  

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Thanks for forwarding the question! However I have a last question to be answered. Could you please forward it to him? Thanks so much! Question: What exactly do you mean to be willing to find the right school for academics and volleyball? Are there schools that place academics behind volleyball significantly or vice versa? Thanks a lot!!


ANSWER: Hello Richard:
Welcome back!
I don't have to forward to Coach Benson b/c I know what he meant by that!  :)  
He meant:  What are you looking for in a college both academically & athletically?  
Here are some examples:
* The men who are going to college JUST so that they play in the NBA don't care 1% about the academics of the school.  They are just interested in making their millions in the NBA.  
* But, on the other hand, the women who are on the Yale rowing team have no concern about making millions athletically.  Their choice to attend Yale was 100% based on the academic environment.  

Now, most athletes are somewhere in between.  Most athletes try to find a school where (a) the academics are what they want AND (b) the athletic team is a good fit.  It's a VERY challenging jot.  Many teams the academics are perfect, but the the college coach doesn't want the athlete.  Many time, the college coach wants the athlete, but the academics are too demanding (or not demanding enough).  Yes, one girl in Roanoke told me last year, "I don't want to have average academics.  I want great academics, and I hope to find a vball team that I want also."  And she did.  

What will your choice be?   Will you say, "I'll be making money with my academics my entire life.  So I'm picking the school that will help me with my future employment.  Hey, if I find a vball team that I'd like to play for, then great!  If not, then I'll either look for another school, or I just won't play."  Or will you be short-sited, and say, "I want to play vball.  The college, it's size, it's proximity to home, the academics, etc. don't matter."  

Does that help some?
If you still have questions, please follow up anytime.
I hope that we've been able to help you some.  
And, now, if you have some time, would you visit us at  I think you'll really like the smiling faces.  
Coach Houser

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QUESTION: Hi Coach Houser,

Great website! Great answer, however your response triggered another question. Question : Is Coach Benson saying that if I'm not willing to find a good academic school, my skills aren't enough for college? Do not take this the wrong way as I am open to criticism. :) Thanks very much!


Good afternoon!
No, not at all.   
Coach Benson was only saying, "Try, try, try to make the college fit your needs, both academically and athletically."     
That's all he was saying. Whether or not you can play in college is an entirely different topic.  In fact, don't you remember what Coach Benson said?  He said he couldn't evaluate you on that video b/c it didn't show enough of your skills.  So, no, he was not saying you couldn't play in college; but, he also wasn't saying you could.   
So, you may be able to find a Yale that needs you.   
You may be able to find a NoBrain University that needs you.  
You may not be able to either a Yale or a NoBrain Univ that needs you.  You'll just have to wait and see how all the next few years plays out.  Didn't you say you were a soph in high school?  If so, then you have time!   
Question for you:  Do you play club vball?  If so, that will give you a much better chance at playing in college.  Why?  B/c you'll be playing 6 to 9 months a year, rather than only 3 months a year.  No, coaches will not ignore you b/c you're not playing club; but, honestly, how can you compete against boys for a spot on a college team when those boys are playing 2 to 3 times more per year than you are?  It will be very difficult.   
Do you have more questions?  
If so, please ask.  Anytime.   
Coach Houser  


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