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Hi Coach Houser,

If I hit a ball and it gets blocked and lands in the court, it should be a hitting attempt and a hitting error on the stats. However, would it be any different if I hit a ball and it gets blocked however it lands on my side of the court and my teammate shanks that ball? Would it still be a hitting error or just an attempt?

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* The first situation:  Correct.  
If you are stuff blocked, you will receive a hitting attempt and a hitting error.  
The only time that could change is if the set put you right into the block and you have almost no chance of saving the play.  Thus, on my stat sheet, you would be nothing, and the setter would get a setting error.   

* The second situation:  On my stat sheet, the scoring depends on the difficulty of the play that your teammate is trying to make.
--> For example, suppose you get blocked, and three teammates stand there while the ball falls on the floor.  I personally don't give my hitter a hitting error for that. But, I do give a dig-not-made for each of the "spectators".
--> Next example: suppose you get blocked, the ball is going down, but a teammate dives and tries to get the ball up, but, even though he touched it, he had very little chance, the ball ricochets into the crowd.  You would receive a hitting attempt and a hitting error b/c even with your teammate's best efforts, the block is what ended the rally.  
--> Next example:  supposed you get blocked, the ball is up, it appears a teammate will have an easy play, but shanks it, and the ball falls untouched.  I think this is what you were talking about.  On my stat sheet, you get a hitting attempt, and the passer gets a dig-not-made.  

My stats may be a little different than most coaches.  
First, my players don't do them.  I do them after I get home by watching the video.
Second, I give my players what they earn (like the setting error, instead of the hitting error).  
Third, are you familiar with the 3,2,1,0 serve receive scoring? Well, I do that also with free ball passing, and with setting.  I probably could do it with serving...but I just thought about that.  :)  

Is there anything else I can do for you?
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