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Is it ok to ask a mens volleyball college coach if they can provide me with contact info of some of the current players on the team to ask them about campus life, what they did to get in,etc.? Or is that a bit too personal? Thanks.

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Sure, you can ask the coach.  He will probably give you their men's email addresses.  But will probably not give your their cell #'s.  I wouldn't. I think that's too personal.  

Now, from there, I recommend you email the men, and if you want their cell #'s, you can ask for them.  They may give you their number; or, they may not.  There may just not want to do it.  Or they there may be a policy at that school that the college athletes don't give their cell numbers to high school prospects. I'm not sure.

Regardless, you can still follow them on Twitter and /or Facebook.  

What else can I do for you tonight?  If there's ever anything else, please contact me here anytime.  Also, please visit us at  I think you'll like all the smiling faces.  


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