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Volleyball/Vertical, Postition, and Diet.


I have three questions. I have been told by both my club, school, and YMCA coaches that I have real potential to do great things with the sport. I am wanting to make varsity next year as a freshmen.
1. My main issue is my vertical. I don't know how to increase it besides doing squats. My mom thinks that I don't get high of the ground enough.
2. The second issue is this. I normally play outside, but my school ball coach had me playing middle and opp. for the whole season. I feel like I'm behind all the other outsides now and it would be hard for me to catch up to them. There are three outsides that will be seniors next year. However, the girl that played middle for four years on varsity just graduated. Where should I play?
3. I have been wanting to go on a volleyball diet for this upcoming club season. I have a new coach who wants to work personally with me so I can vastly improve my hitting for next year. Do you have any monthly diet plans of something really easy for me to follow with my hectic schedule?
Thanks much:)

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Answer to Question 1)  
This won't make you happy.  B/c unless you go to a jumping professional, you won't see more than 2 or 3 inch increase in your jump, regardless of how much you work.  But if you pay that professional thousands, you may only see 3 to 4.  These people who say their vertical rose 6, 8, 12 inches?  Either they're lying, they must have been in HORRIBLE shape and/or they must have lost 50 pounds!  Yeah, going from weighing 190 to 140 will make you jump higher  haha

On the other hand, you really don't need to come to an "expert" to give you ideas on how to jump better.   The bottom line....... JUMP!  Jump a lot.  Jump everywhere.  You can jump with weights, jump w/o weights, jump quick, jump maximum, jump on boxes, jump up steps, etc.  But jump, jump, jump!  Other exercises that, of course, will help:  squats, lunges, anything that'll make your more explosive.  You can sprint 60 or 40 yards, you can run up bleachers, or spring up some steep hills.  Yes, lifting will help.  

Answer to Question 2)  
Part I:   Where do YOU want to play?  That's where you can focus your extra energy!
Part II:  However, what will determine where you play:  Where does the team need you?  If the team needs you play MB, OH, Right, libero, etc., that's where you will be.  Can you ask your coach what he/she foresees?  Some coaches will tell you.  Some won't.  I like to tell my players, "You playing ____ is what I predict....even thought there's a chance I may be wrong, so I can't promise you anything."  

Answer to Question 3)
I'm not a dietician, so you may have to visit another expert.  However, between the ages of 30 and 45, I play competitively a lot.  I lifted, ran, conditioned a lot...and watched my diet.  The key is pretty much what you've always been told:  Limit junk good, focus on good food.  Here are some ideas:
* Tell your parents to please not bring regular chips, cookies, etc. into the house.  
* Tell your parents to please don't prepare fried food for meals.  
* Tell your parents to please bring in healthy things to snack on:  Fruits, veggies, etc.  
* If your school meals are unhealthy, take your own.  I KNOW fried and junk food is good; but they aren't good for you.  
* Now be smart!  You cannot take protein completely from your diet.  You cannot take carbs completely from your diet.  You can't starve yourself.  Those things are dumb.  When my athletes do these things, I ask them, "Do you not sleep?  do you not study for tests? do you know put gas in your car?  take money to the store?  Girl, what you're doing makes no sense, and it must stop!"  
* It's self-control. You can do this.  

OK, that's about it for this morning!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and will have a great Christmas!  
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