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I'm in a gungho amateur level adult league rec league with 2 traditional short setters. And because everyone likes to play, we don't have subs. So out of necessity perhaps we run a 4-2.

Our problem is, when playing against some of the better teams in the league we have problems covering dinks with our 4-2 defense.

We started out playing the traditional middle back or perimeter style defense. Teams consistently dinked us middle and we couldn't get to it. We tried playing middle up with the other 2 back row players playing deep but we could not cover the dinks over the block.

What type of defense do you suggest for this situation? Specifically who should be primarily responsible for dinks?

PS With this level of players, our offense goes through our front row setter and there isn't really any changing that. Because both setters can't block it seems almost like they can't really defend at all, essentially meaning we are playing with 5 defenders. Any suggestions on what the front row setter should be doing on defense? And also, what role should the off blocker have?

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I used to be in a situation like yours for about seven years but with subs. Our first two months were very frustrating because it took us a long time to create an offense and defense that would help us win more with our 4-2 offense and with two short setters. I was one of those setter at 5'10" but I also played LIBERO, outside, and opposite hitter so that helped us a lot. Our other setter was only a setter and was shorter than I was. We won and lost a few games and we knew with which teams we were already going to win. We also had problems in that the setter will set to certain players more even though the easiest set would be our best chance to score a point. This is true because everybody gets to prepare themselves for the hit, unfortunately so did the defense. Even though we had all around players we lacked extra help. Nobody wanted to budge the team and sit out.

I finally took that step and rotated a full rotation with our other setter. The other setter returned the favor for about two games only and then became stingy again. The team decided to make a new team and leave him out. That made that setter decide to finally accept our terms and sub. It’s never fun to be in a team you are playing 100% of the time but loosing 50% of the time. We would win so many games after that because the subs, just like every other team would give us many advantages. These advantages helped us create a team of over 14 players which eventually moved our team play up to state games. If your team cannot exist without subbing, then several things must happen in order for them to win. These things will in the long run leave you in a worst place your team started off with.
Everybody in your team has put in the same practice time and has accepted to be in a team where everybody plays all the time. They should also accept that there are going to be a lot of loop holes in the defense and possibly the offense. It would be hard for me to give you a defense that will help you cover the field or give your team a better chance of picking up the dinks. Things have to change in order for your chances to increase in having a better chance of running a good defense.

Look at the other teams that have a similar situation like yours and see what is working for them and if it isn’t working for them, then maybe it’s for a reason. We were all club team coaches so that helped us play well and adjust easily to subs. You stated that your team is young. I would advice to not go through the long way of headaches and form a real team that would include many players and subs.

We ran a perimeter defense. I also played as a defensive specialist at that time and had all the back and the corners to myself. Those who had the line had the dink if they could not see the hitter hitting the ball. If the defensive player on the right side had a hitter dinking into the center then the right back had the dink. The same thing occurred when the ball passed the center line towards the left then the left back would run through the dink. There has to be a leader in your team that can hear from the team and make a decision if not there will never be a team in place.

Something to think about:

You can also have the two outside defenders start on the ten foot line when you serve and have them close to the 10 foot line when your team is blocking and divide the center by both of them. On the other hand to answer your question, the off blocker should be ready to pick up the ball by the ten foot line If you are blocking on the left side. The off blocker on the right side should be ready by the ten foot line to pick up the dig. The LIBERO should have all the back and corners and the right back should go into the center for all dinks which should be one of your setters. The same goes when the block is being done on the opposite side.

I hope this answers your question.

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