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Volleyball/All teams in a league not playing the same # of matches!


QUESTION: In our v-ball league we play each team twice. one team can only play each team once. My question is how to properly work out standings or percentages at the end. In our league the vr. team plays two matches and jv the 3rd We count the total number of wins at the end of just the Vr. team. Now they score that team every time they win a game they give them two wins. I think it should be one win one forfit. What do you think. Thank Lori

I have read and re-read your message; but, I can't understand what you're talking about.  
The first 2 sentences appear to be completely opposite statements.
Then, I don't understand".....the vr. team plays two matches and JV the 3rd".
What do you mean, "they give them two wins"?  
And where does the forfeit come into the picture?
I'm sorry that I'm not interpreting what you are saying.  Please send it to me again.
Coach Houser

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi tom. Sorry about the confusion  each team plays 18 games our team from nutley recreation only wants to play 9.out of the 18. How do we go about getting correct standings at the end of the season. Our league president is giving them a win on all the 9 games that they are not playing. Your confused and im  confused too. Thanks lori wood   sjkvolleyball@

Good morning Lori!

I know I haven't seen it all.  And this is one I've never seen.  So, all the teams in your league play each other there are 10 teams.  But one of them only wants to play the other teams ONCE?  That's really unique.  For convenience, I'll call that one team OMT ("One Match Team")  

a) Why?  Why would a competitive group of kids/coaches want to play a 9-match schedule?  I coach a travel team that just played 8 in ONE weekend on March 9-10.  What's OMT's reasoning?  They don't want to improve?  They don't like to play sports?  They think vball specifically is dangerous?  OK...thinking....they think twice a week is too much for the children?  They have church more often than most people, thus they can't play more than once a week?  These children have twice the homework of most kids?  No, I'm not trying to be personally critical, and I'm not condemning them.  I'm just trying to figure this out.  

a2) Does OMT have a basketball team as well?  And football?  And soccer?  And they play half a schedule in those sports as well?  If not, why not?

b) How is the schedule created to satisfy that team?  I guess it's created where there are 5 matches a night, two groups of matches per week? but, once a week, one of the matches just doesn't occur?  
So, maybe on Tuesday night:  1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, 5 vs. 6, 7 vs. 8, 9 vs. 10.
And maybe on Thursday night:  1 vs. 6, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 8, 4 vs. 9, 5 vs. 10.  
Let's say OMT is team #5.  They play on Tuesday vs. 6, but on Thursday, their match vs. #10 just doesn't occur?  

c) So at the end of the season, each team will have 17 league matches (not 18 b/c everyone plays OMT only once); but, OMT will have 9.  Sound right?  

d) Is this a private school league?  You said JV & it's not a league of recreation teams?  You said "Nutley Recreation," that the name of your school? I just found this:   Are these the teams that you're talking about?  

e) OK, now time to answer your question!  haha  As league president:
-- I'd be tempted to not have them in our league at all.  They're creating a mess.  18 matches is reasonable.  Either play 18, or join a different league. .
-- OK, they can stay in our league in other sports (if they choose to participate fully), but not in volleyball.  
-- If they remained in our league, and we chose to accommodate them, then I would propose that they are merely ineligible for the varsity championship.  That's an easy solution to this.  No forfeits.  So, the league champ could have a record of like 14-3, and even if OMT ends up 9-0, that's nice.  They are ineligible.  
-- You said in your first email, "Now they score that team every time they win a game they give them two wins. I think it should be one win one forfit."  I don't understand this.  How is 2 wins different from a win & a forfit.  You mean OMT is given 2 wins when they don't play a match?
-- If the ineligibility idea is not going to be accepted by the majority, I guess a forfeit for that non-played match is the thing to do.  So, OMT's best finish would be 9-9.  

One thing I still don't understand.  You said, "varsity plays 2 matches and JV plays the 3rd".  Can you tell me what you mean by that?  Are you saying that you guys on one night will be 2 varsity matches (two best 2 of 3's?) and one JV match (best 2 of 3?)  

Thank you for being patient with me.  
As a 32-year math teacher and debate coach, I'm FULL of questions.   :)  

I hope that I've helped some, and haven't taken up too much of your team.  

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