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Volleyball/Height of net for 7 to twelve year olds


My daughter is 7 and is 43 inches Lots of kids in the neighborhood are 7-12 years old We want. To set up a net in the backyard They will be beginners What height do you recommend the net to be.

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Here is my suggestion.  Start the net at a height that is challenging, but not too difficult.  Maybe 6' for the 7 year old.  But, try to get the net to the proper height (7'4" +3/4") as soon as you can.  You don't let a girl shoot bball at a 8' rim if she can shoot to 9' or to 10'.  You get her to 10' asap.  

Now...the other kids in the neighborhood....a twelve year old is MUCH bigger and stronger than a 7, and should already be playing on a regulation height net.  So, the 7 and the twelve should only be helping each other....not competing, or learning at the same rate.  Having them on the court together will stunt the growth of the twelve.  Here's an example:  I just got home from giving a lesson to at 13 year old....who can serve overhand like a the ball is coming out of a cannon.  So, we had to reduce her arm swing and clean up her footwork.  I tell you b/c twelves are ready to play competitively, while the 7 year olds usually are not.  

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