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Hey, my name is Holly. I am a Freshman in high school and a Volleyball player. The coach has me playing Right Side. I don't understand what I am suppost to do while in rotation at the Outside hitter spot (serve receive and serve). I have asked the coach but he isn't explaining to me, and I can't find anything online. It would be great if you could draw it out. Thank you for your help! (:


Thanks for the question, let's take a look.  For starters, I'm going to be asking you several quesitons and throwing a lot of informaiton at you, so if you have ANY questions about what I discuss, please fire back at me.

I assume you're running a 5-1 Offense if you're playing right side.  That's the same offense I ran in college, and I happened to play right side as well.

We typically only passed with 2 guys, which allowed me to focus my efforts on hitting and blocking along with defense.  If your coach wants three passers, ask him if you're one of them when you are left front on serve receive((I assume that's what you mean when you say, "Outside hitter spot")) .  If he/she wants you as a passer, what i would imagine he wants is for you to pass once they serve to you, run that offense, and should the other team transition and put your team on defense, you simply slide back over to RIGHT front.  Keep in mind, the outside hitter, in this rotation, will be right front, and you are simply swapping with her to get back to the position that you play.

If you're left front and your team is serving, in a 5-1, again remember that your front row outside hitter is currently in the right front spot.  That "Swap" that i mentioned earlier just happens the moment the ball is served.  therefore, it allows you to play "Rightside" and allows the outside to play left side.

All in all, just remember that your position title says all you need to know.  Rightside.  You play offense on the rightside and you play defense on the right side. When you're left front, you play there for one rally in serve receive and scoot over to the right in transition, swapping with the OH pos ((Again, make sure your coach does in fact want that, he may want you to remain on the left until the point is scored)).

Are you left handed?  A lot of times lefty's (Like me) get the joy of playing rightside.  I loved the position.  If you are, keep in mind when you're attacking on your usual side (rightside) always always always take an outside/in approach when you hit.  I was  taught to START my approach from outside of the court, (Remember, dont wander out there UNTIL the other team serves the ball).  but with an outside in approach, it gives you the ability to hit angle very naturally, or turn on the line by simply rotating your shoulders through the swing.  

Should you find yourself hitting on the front left side in the rotation mentioned earlier, and you're lefthanded, you should be taking more of a straight line approach.  Your shoulders should be square to the net which gives a very natural line shot, or by rotating your shoulders, a very nasty angle shot as well.  

I want to know how much of this sticks.  Shoot back when you can and I'll clear anything up that I need to.
Also, do me a favor and google whichever offense it is your team is running, they have tons of videos and diagrams that arre already drawn up, and much better than what I can do!! Let me know what you think!!



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