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QUESTION: Good day Mr Huthmacher,

I came across your page here on all experts and thought you help me answer some questions I have.

I am a volleyball player with many years of experience. I made a short video of my practice and I was hoping with your knowledge in the discipline, you could tell me what you think about it.

I look forward to reading from you at your earliest convenience.



ANSWER: Mr Ekane:

I just watched the video that you provided, and I must say I'm extremely impressed!  You appear to be extremely athletic with a very good approach.  How long have you been playing?  Do you have any formal training that you've received in the past? I'm curious to know these things.  Your age will determine what I think you should do from here.  Along with any aspirations to play in college in America, the process is quite simple actually.  Let me know these things and let's see if we can move forward on this.

As for the video, as I stated earlier, you've got amazing leaping ability.  If I were to guess I would say your vertical is upwards of 40 inches, if not higher, which is truly a gift at your height.  You have a very sound approach, and use your arms and body well prior to your actual jump.  When I coach younger players, I try to emphesize that as much as possible, you seem to have that down very good.  

This tape is obviously one constructed to show off your abilities, and that's fine.  A more complete diagnosis of your playing, and more importantly, those things you need ot work on would be easier to identify watching an entire match of yours.

All in all, you seem to be a solid player with a lot of skills.  Moreover, if you're young enough and are interested in playing volleyball for a college, I would see no problems with you doing that as it pertains to your skills.  

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate!!

Have a good one:

Matt H.

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QUESTION: Good day Mr Matt,

I am very grateful and delighted to receive a response from you this promptly. I am glad you are impressed and I appreciate your remarks.

I have been playing for about 7 years now with not much of formal training. I just turned 24 and I am a final year student in the University of Buea. I have only about 3 more months before I get my Bachelor's degree - Bsc. Sociology and Anthropology and Psychology.

I have great aspirations to play in college in America the reason why I needed your thought on this.

I can send you my CV if you want, it has all my details. Here are some other details;

Position:  Middle Blocker and Outside hitter
Standing Reach (1 hand):  255m
Spike Approach Reach:  315m

I have no complete match on tape but I have bits which can be assembled for a proper diagnosis like you say. I hope that can be useful.

I appreciate your time and effort put in to give me this important response and I hope to read from you again.



ANSWER:  FINDING a school only to find out that you can't play ball there. If you have not used your eligibility, I would email any and all videos you have to prospective coaches.  If I were you, with your talents, I would stick with the top 10 teams in the nation.  That's exactly how I got involved in collegiant volleyball.  I mailed a tape of myself playing and the next thing I knew I was on a plane and playing for a top team.  I strongly recommend you do that if that is in fact what you want.

2.  If by chance you can NOT play NCAA volleyball in America for whatever reason, I would play international volleyball, or at least explore the idea.  Again, you have a unique set of skills from what I can see and it makes sense that you get paid for doing something you enjoy.

I want to be clear about something.  I am a part of this website that you contacted me on as volunteer work.  I do not have the contacts that would further your endevors any more than you do.  So, to recap, check your eligibility, and if you're good, pick a school you'd like to play at and go from there.  if you ahve any quesitons about schools that you like and their programs, I will do my best to give you my take on them.  Be in touch and let me know how you are progressing!!

Matt H.

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QUESTION: Thanks Coach Matt.

I would be glad if you can email or forward my video(s) to coaches of these big teams. I trust a recommendation from you will be given utmost consideration especially if they are also impressed by the video. I have always had a  passion to play in a team which suits my skills and level. Upon achieving my degree I think I can now exploit this passion.

I hope I get the chance to play NCAA volleyball in the US. If not then I would explore the other options.

I would also appreciate if you can recommend any particular schools I can look at online before I chose to start application procedures. Are there scholarship opportunities available?




As I stated earlier, I do volunteer work for this website.  I will not be forwarding your videos to schools for several reasons, primarily because that is a job you need to look into.  Not to mention I haven't a clue as to where you want to attend school in the US.  I suggest you stick with the recommendations I gave you initially, and determine if you're even eligible to play NCAA volleyball before you start looking.  If you have any more questions,please don't hesitate.



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